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Say Cheese, Vegan Cheese

Whenever I tell people that I’m vegan, the first thing they usually say is, I don’t think I can be vegan because I love cheese. Well, that was me too, 8yrs + ago. The interesting thing about cheese and probably why people say they couldn’t give it up is because it’s actually addictive.

“Scientists claim that cheese is as addictive as drugs because of a chemical called casein. This is found in dairy products and can trigger the brain's opioid receptors, which are responsible for addiction.” - Daily Mail UK (CLICK HERE to read the article.)

If you’re moving towards a vegan diet and looking to replace cheese with a plant-based option, the good news is, there area a lot of great cheeses out there. The bad news is, there also are a lot that suck. Vegan cheese can be hit or miss, and, my taste buds are not your taste buds so you really do have to try for yourself. If you’re ready to give Vegan Cheese a try, here are a few options that my taste buds seem to enjoy and maybe yours will too!

This brand tops the list for me. I’ve tried multiple cheeses from Miyokos and everything I tried has been delicious. They offer artisanal + spreadable cheese (great for a vegan cheese plate!), spreadable cheese, ‘pourable cheese’ (sounds weird but works well for melting on pizza), cream cheese, mozzarella, and butter. (Side note, they are my go-to choice for vegan butter.)

They are also a ‘do good’ brand which is something I can always get behind. They donate to farm animal sanctuaries, are conscious about reducing their carbon footprint and practice restorative agriculture!

My personal favorites are the European Truffle, Smoked Gouda and Smoked Mozzarella. and Fresh Plant Milk Mozzarella Smoked. All Miyokos items are certified organic and kosher and soy free. (You can check out their FAQs page for a list of what is/isn’t in their products and check the packaging ingredients.)

You can find them at a wide range of retailers in the US: Giant, Shoprite, Target, Walmart and Wholefoods but only some, and not all of their products. You can purchase the full line on (For my Canadian friends, they are also available in Canada!)

If you’re looking for cheese slices for sandwiches, Viola Life is your brand. Their line includes cheese slices, cream cheese, ‘block’ cheese, sour cream, butter, and dips.

My personal favorites from Viola life are the feta cheese (delicious in a Greek salad), the sliced smoked provolone, and their ‘block’ parmesan cheese (which works for ‘grating’ it over spaghetti.) I have yet to try their dips, French Onion and Artichoke, but they list to check out.

You can find them at a wide range of retailers in the US: Walmart, Acme, Giant, Wholefoods and more. They are an international brand so you can find them at a lot of places globally. Check-out the store locator on for more.

If you’re looking for another great brand for your cheese plate, Treeline is it. They make a range of products that include Soft French Style, Goat Style, Aged Artisanal, Cream Cheese and Reserve. If you’re looking for ‘stinky’ vegan cheese, like Blue Cheese and a Bloomy Rind (in the style of Brie) Treeline has it! (Side note: They even offer vegan charcuterie options for purchase on their website to perfect your vegan cheese plate.)

They are another do-good brand, supporting multiple human and animal charities, and are conscious of how and where their ingredients are sourced.

My favorite items from Treeline are the Crackled Pepper Aged Artisanal, and Bloomy Rind.

You can find them at a wide range of retailers in the US: Wegmans, Ralph’s, Giant, Stop and Shop and Wholefoods and are also available for purchase on their website. Check out for more.

Add Kite Hill to your list for more great spreadable cheeses. In the cheese category, they also offer a ricotta and cream cheese. Kite Hill is more than just a vegan cheese band, offering vegan yogurt, milk, sour cream, dips, butter, and dairy-free ravioli and tortellini.

My favorite items from Kite Hill are the Cream Cheese and Ricotta. It’s also worth noting that their vegan ravioli and tortellini also deserve a shout out for being delicious.

You can find them at a wide range of retailers in the US: Giant, Target, Shoprite, Sprouts and Whole Foods. Check-out the store locator on for more.

What Else to Know...

Remember that nothing will taste exactly the same as something else, especially when your taste buds have been used to something for so long. So don't compare! Give something new a try and enjoy it for what it is. I promise, with items from these brands, you will get your cheese fix.

Oh and don’t forget that your taste buds will change as you change the foods you eat! (Everything in life evolves, right?)

What Else to Do:

If you find any vegan cheeses that you really like that aren’t on my list, or, if you have any brand specific questions, please do reach-out on Instagram: @SolLunaLife

Happy Cheesing!

- Andrea


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